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mscranky2003 wrote in jacko_lulz
Best South Park Episode?

The Jeffersons

Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a perfect job pinning down Michael Jackson's personality.

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wow, they usually go totally over the top (Mel Gibson shitting on Cartman's head for example) but this was actually kinda realistic

I feel so bad for Blanket! Seriously though, I got so tired of the "well he didn't have a childhood..." what does that MEAN? A lot of kids work hard and don't get to play a whole lot during their youth, I think he had some weird idea about what a "childhood" is, part of the whole fetishizing of children. Did he think that 12 years of school every day was really fun for us all? Having absolutely no civil rights? I think it was all an elaborate excuse.

Yes, it was very realistic, I could actually see Jacko making up some type of "I don't want to stay there, there is a ghost there," type excuse.

Oh I know, there are a lot of twelve year olds, particularly these days who are all about school, extra curricular activities, and homework! There was certainly a crazy fetish of an idea of "childhood" with him.

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