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mscranky2003 wrote in jacko_lulz
For the Stans who are going around talking about how much MJ's kids look like Michael, do you mean Michael post plastic surgery? Well, if they look like Michael Jackson from after 1984, it isn't natural, and shouldn't be part of your "he looks just like his dad argument."

If someone finds pics where any of Jackson's kids bear a resemblance to Jackson before 1980, please show them to me!

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in an older TV GUide (maybe 2001?) I saw an article with pictures, and the pictures he had around his house of himself as a child had been altered to have features more like his present day face. I wish I could find scans of it, I am pretty sure it was TV Guide, they also mentioned that PMI was bottle blond at age 3.

As far as "family resemblance" post surgery, maybe some people believe in Lamarckism. That would certainly explain it.

Wow, I think people need to start copying pictures of what Michael Jackson looked like pre-surgery now, before things start getting seriously shopped!

And really laughing at revisiting Larmarckism, who cares about the evolution debate, Lamark was probably right, event though all of his theories were disproved.

you're absolutely right...Michaels kids look like the white Michael instead of the black Michael...weird stuff...check out for Mechaels music and videos

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